More information to come on the audit submission process. Please check back after April, 2018 for detailed instructions on how to submit your building’s audit report.

Under the Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance, building owners are required to have an energy audit of their building conducted every ten years. In an energy audit, an approved professional will walk through your building and makes recommendations on how to improve your building’s efficiency and operations. You are free to choose which, if any, of those recommendations to implement; the point is to understand the potential for improvement and allow building owners to make informed business decisions.

The year in which an audit is required for your building is determined by your building’s randomly-assigned Atlanta Building ID number (ABID). The last digit of your ABID indicates the year in which an audit is required. For example, if your ABID ends with the number “6,” your building is required to have its audit performed in 2016, 2026, 2036, etc. Click here to look up your building’s ABID.